Guest Book for Dolores Frances "Dee" (Unangst) Tippy

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Posted by: A. Marie Casey, formerly of Marion
Thu January 03, 2019
Condolence to the Unangst & Tippy families.  No doubt Dolores Tippy will be fondly remembered. As you cherish the many memories, reflect on the time when sickness & death will be conditions of the past! (Revelation 21:3,4; 1Corinthians 15: 26) This is what our loving God Jehovah has promised & Jesus Christ himself guaranteed the hope of seeing our loved ones again by means of the resurrection. (John 5:28,29; Acts 24:15; Isaiah 26:19) May God’s word comfort you each day, as we await the fulfillment of his promises! (Joshua 23:14)

Posted by: A
Thu January 03, 2019
I met Dee at Olive Garden, where her and Alice were having lunch. I was their waitress that day. They both ordered hot tea- which was normally something I dreaded putting together. However, these women were so kind from the very beginning, I didn't mind it at all, and we had wonderful conversation their entire meal. We talked about her career real estate and how much she had enjoyed it. I told her I had always been interested in real estate and she lit up with excitement for me. She thought I would be great at it and gave me her name and number and told me to come see her at the office, which I did a few days later. I am now working at a real estate agency and hope to get my license in the near future and I owe that all to her and Alice. I will forever remember the day I met them both. Not only did they take care of me and make my entire day better, they also made friends with the women at the table next to them and bought their lunch.
May her sweet soul rest in peace. You're an inspiration Dee.

Posted by: Abby Tippy Bell
Thu January 03, 2019
Cousin Gene,

I was so sorry to read of Dee's passing.  You have all my sympathy.  I'm ashamed that I haven't kept up with family like I should have.  You're in my prayers.